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Tyler Saint

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December 31, 1969 | 20 Photos, 27:07 | Categories:

Starring Tyler Saint

Tyler says he was initially dismissed by PLAYGIRL for being too old.  But with a gleaming smile and a body of ageless perfection, we know you’re glad we reconsidered.  When Tyler takes it all off, everyone stares.  Even the muscle-bound gods who went first. Tyler was married once—but that all ended, and then he had sex with his divorce lawyer.  Needless to say, he didn’t pay for the divorce.  Tyler is as sweet as the boy next door, but when it’s his time to shine, he turns into a sex machine. He may look rough and tough, but he’s the sweetest guy on the set.  His ex-wife’s loss.  Kudos to the divorce lawyer. Besides the perfectly proportioned body, and lean sculpted muscles, Tyler’s got a cock that slithers out like a jungle anaconda.  He owns a cleaning business in Los Angeles, which makes sense.  Looking at that prizewinning cock, who wouldn’t want to hoover? Tyler’s also a part-time porn star which, he says, is not as easy as it sounds.  Porn is all choreographed, cut and stop, all day…he could come 30 times but the directors don’t let him.  He much prefers our PLAYGIRL shoot where he’s able masturbate at his own pace. In bed, Tyler gets turned on by dirty talk, but he blushes when I ask exactly which words he uses in the bedroom.  Judging from the heat of his solo scene, he can say whatever the hell he wants…and get away with it. The craziest place Tyler ever had sex was in the back of a flat-bed truck which carried Christmas trees in his hometown of New Haven, Connecticut.  He liked the thrill of nearly getting caught, and didn’t mind the prickle of pine branches.  He reminisces.  “It smelled great up in there,” he says.  And we know it felt great, too.

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