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December 31, 1969 | 278 Photos, 11:32 | Categories:

Starring Sergio

Sergio is from Serbia. “You know,” he tells me, “It’s the country that burned the American embassy a couple years ago.” A former physical education teacher, he moved to the USA a few years ago. Asked if he misses home and his family, he says he mostly misses the food. Last week, Sergio broke up with his girlfriend after she found out he was going to pose nude for PLAYGIRL. “I’ll be ashamed if you do that,” she told him and he couldn’t quite understand why. Ashamed? “You love my cock,” he told her, “Why shouldn’t everyone else?” At PLAYGIRL, we agree with his advice, and wish smoking hot Sergio a girlfriend who appreciates a man who likes to share.  Sergio plans to stay in America and keep showing that cock.  His baby face and muscled bod ain’t so bad either. At our shoot, he beefed up doing push-ups and sit-ups before masterfully pulling out a huge, veiny uncut cock and slowly sliding its foreskin back and forth, teasing our crew just as he does viewers online.  With an incredible physique like his, Sergio won’t be single for long. Check him out while you’ve still got a chance.

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