Playgirl talks to NYC’s top male (straight escort) with one of the biggest dongs in the business

MEET LUKE JACKSON blogger talks with one of NYC’s top (straight) male escorts

PG: So were going to start with some obvious questions, but when did you first realize you had a big dick?

LJ: Um, I mean realistically in early high school. I mean, I didn’t lose my virginity until I was like 19, I was kind of a nerdy kid, not super confident. It was a time when chat rooms on the Internet were just becoming a thing. I started showing off online and stuff like that. I realized I could suck myself when I was 16…

PG: Can you still do that?

LJ: Yeah it’s not something I do often but yeah. But it didn’t really mean much; it was kind of this abstract thing- it wasn’t in context. We didn’t have shared showers so I had nothing to compare it to.

PG: Where did you grow up?

LJ: Virginia. And when its there, it what you know. So it doesn’t seem crazy to you.

PG: So when did you realize you had one?

LJ: I was in a long relationship, so I didn’t realize it until my mid 20’s. It was then that I noticed: oh, this is something that people are into.

PG: But why didn’t you get into porn?

LJ: I always had a serious career, and good education, and I was never in a situation where I was desperate for money. And I never knew how to get into it.

(He’ll get offers now)

PG: So how’d you stumble into escorting? You’re like a golden unicorn; big dick and straight? 

LJ: After my relationship ended, I was like 26, my girlfriend at the time, was looking to introduce me to new things. We started corresponding to a new girl, who was escorting.

This girl was smart and articulate and an escort and after my relationship ended, we met up and had sex, and she was the first one who suggested who I try it. She pointed out there’s not a lot of intelligent guys who have big dicks. I had never considered it.

PG: How does intelligence play into it?

LJ: Couples are more about sex. With women, it’s a mix of genuine companionship. Over dinner they like talking about literature, politics or philosophy. And then we have great sex. It’s the combination of the two that seemed to be what worked.

I just put myself out there as myself. That is different than acting, that’s more sustainable.

Luke has been escorting for 8 years, and although he found many clients attractive and seen many women for a few years, it’s never become a relationship.

“I say yes in some ways it’s become a relationship, but you have to remember, I’m doing this partially to pay off student loans.” He says. And partly to meet new people. “ If I want to date I’ll date. I try not to pretend to clients”, he says.

PG: Do you ever date girls while you are escorting?

LJ: There have definitely been girls who I’ve dated who’ve not been into it, but tell everyone I’m dating. Even if I’m sleeping with them. I did stop escorting because I fell in love. She asked me to stop so I stopped.

He admits to dating some female escorts. “ I have. Its fun. As long as you’re both comfortable with it, it can be fun.”

PG: How do you deal with straight couples and what does the guy want out of it?

LJ: It varies. Depending on the dynamic of the couple. Sometimes it’s about the wife getting a new experience, and the guy watches, and sometimes we share her. And sometimes there’s the cuckolding dynamic, which has to do with the whole size thing.

PG: What’s cuckolding for our readers who don’t know?

LJ: Cuckolding has generally to do with a younger, more virile, larger guy fucking your wife. The idea is a man taking your wife. Which I never quite understood but I know some cool couples into it, so it works for them.

PG: And the guys are usually smaller than you? Cock-wise?

LJ: Generally, I mean there aren’t a lot of guys who are as big as me, but some of the guys are definitely above average. I think in those cases, I think that’s the point: being big and having someone even bigger switches things up. Some guys are bi and this is how they explore that; by sharing their girlfriend or wife.

PG: And you’re comfortable with that?

LJ: I’ve had couples go down on me. I don’t fuck guys- it’s just not my thing. I’ve had cuckolding scenes where the guy wants to go down on his wife while I’m fucking her. So there’s that.


PG: Now the obvious question: what’s the oddest scenario you’ve found yourself in?

LJ: Depends on how you define crazy and ouy there.

I’ve been flown to Madrid or LA for one night. It’s kind of trippy to be flown in somewhere, picked up by a car at the airport and shown a night on the town and then the next afternoon be in your normal regular life.


PG: And no one in your regular life knows about it?

LJ: I try to be as open about it as I can. I have a professional career so I try to be careful about who I tell, but the people that I trust with that info I open up about it. I have a full-time serious job in advertising so I have to be careful.

PG: How long do you see this lasting?

LJ: With all of these things age is a component and sex work is definitely limited, I think it depends on life, relationships, work…etc.

PG: How often a month do you escort?

LJ: Probably twice a month. When it’s like a couple grand a night I only need to do it a couple times a month. Keep in mind, there’s definitely the sexual part of it, but also people like talking to me.

I’ve had some clients call me a sex therapist. I don’t judge, and they can talk about their sex fantasies or fetishes and I enjoy listening. That’s a big piece of what works in that they feel comfortable to be themselves.

PG: Have you ever had anything that made you uncomfortable?

LJ: Definitely the cuckolding scenario was odd for me at first, but after a few times I felt very comfortable. I’m certainly an exhibitionist and dominant and that what gets them off. I enjoy the performative element of it.

PG: When you say the performative element do you actually see what you look like, or how you’re perceived in these situations?

LJ: One on one I’m more into the woman’s pleasure; making sure she gets off of course. But with couples, definitely there’s a performance element to it. With a lot of couples it’s the guy who’s paying for it so I want to make sure she’s having a good time and he’s getting a good show.


PG: Is there anything you’ve wanted to try that you haven’t done?

LJ: Well, I’ve done a lot of things (laughs). I have a lot of fantasies but I live them out. I’ve been with multiple women, 3 women at once, and DP’d women with their boyfriends…

PG: How does someone deal with a giant cock like yours?


PG: Are you worried about a crackdown on sex workers?

LJ: Definitely, but I’m not high exposure, and I work independently, I’ve never worked for an agency, and vie actually done lots of escort work, like dates and such.

PG: How do you handle it when gay or bi guys reach out to you?

LJ: They don’t usually. I would say, its happened, but it doesn’t really happen. One reason for that is I am actually straight which comes across on my site (

Plus there are a lot of gay escorts and they fit a very different niche than I do.

PG: What is your niche?

LJ: I’d say thoughtful, worldly, and down to earth and very open and sexual. And unapologetic about that.

The degree to which ive had interesting life experiences and perspectives on the world, and having no shame about that.

And a lot of women I meet are like that. They feel judged and they don’t have the opportunity to explore what she’s into and interested in.

PG: How would you describe your look?

LJ: How would you describe my look?

PG: Like a big dicked, polite, williamsburg hipster boy.

LJ: I don’t think I’m stylish enough to be hip, but thanks.

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