Erotic Hypnotism: our writer goes deep under


What if someone said to you, “you will have the most powerful orgasm of your life,” and then…you just…did?

I was always a skeptic. I never thought of hypnosis as anything more than 21st century snake-oil, tricking drunk girls into thinking they were being controlled at bachelorette parties and on spring break.

But then there I was, my arms tied behind my back with no rope or clasps, my entire body tingling, and the greatest orgasm of my life shuddering through my every pore. Neil, the erotic hypnotist, was clearly more than smoke and mirrors. Check out his website – – then read on to find out what went down at our session.

An hour before, I had arrived at his hypnosis studio expecting to learn a little about the art of hypnosis from a practitioner, and maybe to try a little hypnosis myself. But Neil was so immediately disarming and comforting that I wanted to dive in and try EVERYTHING – and try it I did! I left having been completely hypnotized. I’d explored kinks I never knew I had; I’d achieved physical sensations unlike any I’d experienced before; and I even noticed a decrease in the amount of stress and pain plaguing my perpetually sore neck and shoulders. I was relaxed; my mind was clear; and all I wanted was more. (It certainly didn’t hurt that all this happened at the hands of a hot muscle-daddy who is equally comfortable working with men and women.)

After my first mind-blowing session with Neil, I had to know more, so Playgirl sat down with him to learn more about his work.


PG: What, exactly, is hypnosis? And how is erotic hypnosis different from regular hypnosis?

Neil: Hypnosis is a state of the mind in which we have unfettered (or at least less-fettered) access to the subconscious. The subconscious is suggestible, which means it will readily accept suggestions from people it trusts. Those suggestions can be an action, but they can also be a sensation. So using hypnosis, I can suggest people feel things that aren’t really there.

Erotic hypnosis just means using hypnosis for sexual purposes. Most of the time, it’s purely recreational – all about having fun with it. However, it can also be used in conjunction with therapeutic hypnosis as a way to solve certain sexual issues.

PG: How did you first learn about hypnosis, and what led you to focus on erotic hypnosis?

Neil: I had always been interested in hypnosis, but didn’t really pursue it until a bit over 14 years ago. That’s when I stumbled upon an online forum about hypnosis and sex. I thought it was the hottest thing ever and I decided to learn how to do it. I found some books and online tutorials – and, most importantly, some willing “victims” to experiment on. I discovered I had a knack for it and it quickly became one of my main sexual outlets. In 2003 I also took a hypnotherapy certification course to hone my skills even further and to learn other uses for hypnosis. About 6 years ago I quit my day job (I used to be a software engineer) and started doing hypnosis for a living full time. I do both erotic and therapeutic hypnosis, and even mix the two when appropriate.

PG: What sort of breakthroughs have you seen clients achieve while under hypnosis?

Neil: I’ve seen so many! I’ve had clients be able to get on the subway or a plane after I helped them get over their phobias. I’ve seen clients stick to the gym and a diet regimen with my help. On the sexual side, I’ve helped clients learn how to bottom, get over erectile dysfunction, be able to orgasm during sex (a surprisingly common problem that few people are talking about), and lots more.

PG: Is there anyone who hypnosis isn’t right for?

Neil: Yes. Anyone with a severe mental disorder (such as schizophrenia or severe depression) should be seeing a psychiatrist and not a hypnotist.

PG: Obviously we think everyone who is in New York or can get to New York should schedule a session with you, Neil. But what about people in other cities or countries? How can someone find an erotic hypnotist as effective (and sexy!) as you?

Neil: I actually travel a fair bit around the country, mainly to cities with large gay populations, so check out my website regularly ( or follow me on Twitter ( to find out if I’m coming to a city near you.


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